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I could sense all the jubilant tourists were having a great time.

One thing I notice however was how sex was not easily available for some of the single ladies here on their vacation who was definitely looking for some action on those nights when the clubs are going wild and everybody is heated and ready to get it on, but disappointment strikes when you have eyes on a guy only to notice he is here with a partner, or that single guy who you had eyes on who head off with someone else of his admiration.

Dear Dr Mitchell, I am a 24-year-old lady who has had sex once in my life. The pain that you experience deep in your womb may be due to one of several factors.

I have never been pregnant and I am not sexually active, but I have this deep pain in my womb even when I am not on my period. This pain may be due to an ovarian cyst that has suddenly increased in size or a cyst in the ovary that has had some bleeding into it.

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Still, as Davidson points out, the annual US Trafficking in Persons report and media coverage continue to “give the impression that ‘sex trafficking’ in general and ‘child sex trafficking’ in particular are the most serious problems associated with commercial sex in Jamaica.” Ultimately, if the Jamaican government was to address the problem of violence in the commercial sex industry as defined by the people in it, it would mean “accepting [that] sex workers have an equal right to freedom,” writes Davidson.Instead, it is meted out by customers, members of the public, and police officers because the person on the receiving end is a sex worker.Furthermore, the people with whom we spoke viewed the violence they experience as a direct result of the criminalisation of sex work and the stigma that comes with its illegality.There is no discrimination to anyone every and anyone.

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