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20-Oct-2020 22:20

What I need is to somehow route those as if they were MO only (because the endpoint is not a device, as we don't actually own any).So for example, yesterday one company connected and tried to send this message: , 0, 'LEVEL_0') schedule_delivery_time: None validity_period: None registered_delivery: Registered Delivery[receipt: SMSC_DELIVERY_RECEIPT_REQUESTED, sme Originated Acks: set([]), intermediate Notification: False] replace_if_present_flag: Enum Value(, 0, 'DO_NOT_REPLACE') data_coding: Data Coding[scheme: DEFAULT, scheme Data: SMSC_DEFAULT_ALPHABET] sm_default_msg_id: 0 short_message: 'A' ] This obviously threw a route not found error since none of my MT routes match the destination number.Their final dates are 6th-9th August twitter.com/SGrant Creative…Live Chat desktop apps Live Chat desktop apps for Windows and Mac offer a smooth interface and are packed full of features that will take your customer service to the next level.) to be able to trigger the scripts associated with Receiving SMS-MO as described in your documentation, while at the same time delivering DLRs to the SMPP client. Hi Andrea, From a design perspective the "provider" is considered as the uplink (or upstream) and it's always a smpp server, Jasmin will connect to the provider.

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Ive looked into creating a full SMPP connector but that kind of defeats the purpose of using jasmin (and looks very complicated).operator SMS - save to BD, ACK/Jasmin Don't know what would be the better solution, Id be happy with either one of them, but I haven't been able to find anything in the docs. jasmin is designed as a message router, it will receive messages via SMPP, and then via the routing table decide how to onward route them.🙇🏻‍♀️ If anyone ( @farirat ) could explain either scenario in detail considering that I'm new to this I'd be so grateful. MT) What is the desired outcome after you receive this SM? Hopefully helping :) wrote: Please, can anyone help a girl out? @Leon Priestnall hosting, DJ Grit'n'grind on sounds. ;-) #newpoetrynite4brum pic.twitter.com/JMd9ixb Ox T Who's going to @Shambala Fest? buff.ly/2Nkx SIC pic.twitter.com/ERHxzw Ma YP No time to wash this off before I go sparring so hi, come punch this glitzy alien in the face It's always a fun day with @_barts - this time we were running a space-themed Little School of Improbable Cooking.

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=( It is not that easy to generate a DLR, you have to check if the submit_sm actually requested the DLR, then generate and send a msg Id in the submit_sm_resp, then create the deliver_sm with the proper deliver status and the msg Id generated previously.

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