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This part of town is definitely going to be seeing some big improvements in the years to come! Since the fi rst discoveries at Teleilat Ghassul, with its highly distinctive ceramic, lithic and groundstone industries, archaeologists have recognized a “ Ghassulian” chrono-cultural horizon within the late prehistoric sequence of the Southern Levant.Talk and get to know each other before committing to spending time together in the real world.This saves you time and ensures that who you choose to date already meets your most important qualifications. Finally, we are indebted to the Israel Defence Forces for their support and encouragement.​Online dating sites are the perfect place to meet your match and even find your soulmate!During the 1979 survey (6), the authors discovered the extensive Chalcolithic burial grounds stretching for over 800 m along a series of Eocene chalk hills adjacent to the Shiqmim village. Funding for the project was kindly provided by the National Geographic Society (Research Grant Nos. The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society provided travel grants for Shiqmim staff members in 19. In that same year test excavations were carried out in both the Shiqmim village and the mortuary complex (7).

That has prompted the authors of the studies in this volume to offer their latest research on the subject. Although a wealth of data from numerous excavations and extensive research has illuminated many aspects of these chrono-cultural periods, the transition from the earlier Chalcolithic period to EB I remains obscure.