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back to menu ↑ Scott Campbell represents a new age of tattoo artists that do not restrict themselves to the traditional parameters that define tattoo types.

It is hard to classify his work in a particular school, but his style is more of contemporary than old school.

Campbell Scott was born on July 19, 1961, in New York City, New York, U. During his high school, he was heavily involved in his high school's theater productions.

Scott has also acted and produced popular movies like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014).

Nowadays, getting a tattoo is a common phase in life.

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Saved Tattoo is what led to his fame mainly due to the rich tattoo culture in New York, and his first celebrity client was Heath Ledger whom he gave a small bird on the forearm.Scott got his training from the great Picture Machine that also happens to be one of the oldest and also most famous tattoo studios not only in California but the entire US.Learning the craft from the best and in a place with such a rich history is one the key things that have made him the legendary artist he is today.If you are a tattoo enthusiast, or you simply like to keep up with the trends, then the chances are that you have heard of him.

He has been in the game for only a decade but he is now one of the most recognizable artists, and he has achieved almost anything that one would ever wish for in this sector.House of Hackney, Soho House, Publicis, Nike, T2, Penguin, Pernod Ricard, New York Times, H&M, The Plant, Urban Outfitters, Wallpaper*, Phaidon, Converse, Norwegian Medical Journal, Nature, Buzz Feed, Monki, Universal Records, The Verge, Wired, BBC.