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You all love to try new things and are lots of fun.[/quote] That's us!

Man.[/quote] Sag's and libras get along well...actually Sags get along well just about everyone (except I stay away from pisces romantically)[/quote] Hell I stay away from Pisces romantically and I AM one.. I can not mess with a Pisces man and I'm a Pisces!!

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LOL[/quote] Actually my pisces was fantastic in the sack! [/quote] Yea...hates being black, and said I was the only black girl he could ever be with....c Ra Zy dude[/quote] *blank stare* Woooooooooow[/quote] Yeah.... [quote comment="242760"][quote comment="242751"][quote comment="242747"][quote comment="242742"][quote comment="242736"][quote comment="242735"][quote comment="242719"][quote comment="242711"][quote comment="242705"][quote comment="242696"][quote comment="242690"][quote comment="242684"][quote comment="242661"][quote comment="242655"][quote comment="242639"][quote comment="242614"][quote comment="242589"][quote comment="242577"][quote comment="242558"]It's so dead in here! His best friends are black guys but he really wants to just hang out with white people, he wanted to move to oregan b/c not a lot of black people live there..only dates white, asian, or latina's crazy b/c his friends and family aren't like that....he's just nuts, you can only truly understand it if you're nuts too[/quote] Wow :shock: That is deep, so girl he is not trying to marry you and have kids because he's not going to want a bunch of darkies.[/quote] sr yr of high school he said i'd be the only black girl he'd ever marry....obviously that will Ne Ve R happen..had a major falling out too[/quote] My man is semi crazy too, he's very dark & on top of that he's ugly, so he has crazy issues always questioning what is the real why I am with him, (cuz he has money) but i've been with him off & on for 6 years - so damn, how long do I have to be with you in order for you to see that I'm with you because I love you?