Kobe bryant tyra banks dating

24-Aug-2020 21:41

All women are the same no matter what nationality they are, some are more passive some are aggressive and some stupid some smart. date all races when your young so you can know who your more compatibal with.Staying with a black man through thick and thin means nothing if you bitch and make negative remarks throughout the whole relationship.if it weren't for black woman vanessa wouldn't have been able to meet kobe and marry him because his mom wouldn't have had him,,news flash.it takes two black people to make a real black man. So please stop talking so horribly about black women, its disgusting and sad.Vanessa got some big ass horseteeth and square body.She's Kobe's wife and Latino, so dumb negroes will sweat because of those reasons.Give me Selita Ebanks, Liya Kebede or the young Tyra Banks anyday over this chick. Even if a black woman has a weave it doesn't mean her hair is short.Although black women look good with short hair like Halle Berry and Toni Braxton. Black women look good with rocking any texture or length hair.

I'm a huge Lakers fan :))) God bless your family.... Your beautiful and so is your family :) by Vanessa bryant I think its Beautiful to see different races blending.

Black men like to be catered to and we like getting head and ass ... So if you guys (blk wmn) wanna keep using head for a treat or a gift we will continue too date outside our race. Black guys leave us hanging and want outside their race...ask what black woman is as pretty as Vanessa?

Well I ask what white woman (or any other race outside black) will date a poor black man?

because most of these women that are with these black men are having their black babies, daughters.

and news flash, the president is with a black woman, and his importance is far more than kobe bryants!!!!u are the one who is ugly, and I bet you look old too by the time you are 30.