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15-Apr-2020 22:47

“They are social contracts, which bring rights and obligations to both parties, and can only be successful when these are mutually respected and cherished.” Millions of Muslims enter the online dating scene with serious intentions, and they can find themselves bogged down by superficial and casual date prospects.

General dating sites and apps sometimes don’t cater to the unique goals and values of the Muslim community, so niche services have sprung up to fill that gap.

Though Muslim Marriage Solution doesn’t run any background checks on its users, the app does have some security checks in place to ensure people are who they say they are.

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Muslim Marriage Solution’s streamlined matching system offers a compatibility rating, so singles know where they stand and how they stack up with potential love interests.

This may be, in part, due to strict rules on sex and dating outside marriage, but that doesn’t mean the religion is anti-sex (for married couples, at least). Islam has long preached sexual gratification – from scripture emphasising that a woman’s sexual pleasure is equally as important as her husband's, to a heavy focus on foreplay, to numerous books on how to sexually satisfy a woman.