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20-Mar-2020 07:22

I don’t know if it’s their dress, demeanor, genetics or what, but overall when I felt my blood boil it would be when a Russian girl walked by.

Your mileage may vary and you may prefer the locals.

Less religious girls seem to be in Riga, but there seems to be a mix of fast and slow as well.

The easiest girls will be from the hipster clubs who show a clear western orientation.

If you’re doing business with Russians in Riga, be careful as there is a slight scamming element, especially since there are so many tourists.

Taxis, housing and nightlife are the common scam attempts (both among locals and Russians). I don’t want to paint all the people of Latvia like this, but for some reason it feels shadier than in say Estonia or Russia itself.

Their English is good (generally worse if they’re Russian-Latvian) and can take banter pretty well.

Some of them are desperate to leave Latvia, others seem to accept their situation pretty well, and still others don’t even care.

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You’ll generally find they have medium to very long hair, in many natural shades with light skin and eyes.

Like Estonians, they’re open to sex so long as their social circle/reputation is not at stake.

You can find somewhat religious girls, usually in 2 tier cities, where sex is slower.

The Latvian population itself is small at just under 2 million, and technically even smaller at 1.2 million if you only count ethnic Latvians.

If you’re coming into the country by bus, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful coastline of the Baltic Sea and the twists and turns of forests lining up the country.Latvian girls, despite having a different language, are aesthetically actually similar to Estonian girls.