Leigh journal dating

10-Feb-2020 16:08

William George Gray (1862-1918) was born in Knockcloghrim, Londonderry, Northern Ireland and came to Britain as a young man. In 1888 he married Emily Victoria Openshaw at Thornton in Lancashire.

Together they had several children: Leonard (1889), Bertha (1891), William (1893), Doris (1896), Kathleen (1898), Mary (1900), Emily (1902-02).

The reason it was built was so the inhabitants of the house could enjoy an open green space away from the narrow terraced streets and mills a few hundred yard away – until they too caught up with St.

Helens Road later in the 19th century as the town expanded.

The Hayes Family: Late 19th Century William Hayes passed away in 1869, leaving everything to his son Thomas Travers Hayes.Fairfield: The 20th Century Fairfield was then owned by Jonathan Cordukes Mc Kibbin (the husband of Marion Elizabeth Hayes).In 1896 he let the house, coach house,stables and greenhouses to Doctor William George Gray for 14 years for the annual sum of £67’2’0 (around £6,975).They had one son, Thomas Travers Hayes in 1824 and another son James, several years later in 1836.

Unfortunately, there was a complication during child birth and this is recorded as the cause of Sarah’s death.

In 1894 the Local Board became Leigh Urban District when large parts of land belonging to the Atherton estate were incorporated.