Leonardo dicaprio dating gossip

08-Nov-2019 22:16

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I have had lots of stars onboard and have seen lots of things but I believe this to be absolutely true.

I even had friends that worked in a very well known production company that confirmed this as a non-story in the business, as everyone knows that Leo is gay.[quote]Ugh - I can't decide if these photos convince me he's straight or trying hard to act straight.

Even though I do think he's gay, being unmarried and not having kids is a stupid reason to come to that conclusion. You mean he possibly fucks Bradly Cooper sometimes, as everybody already speculated before that BI came out.

This is probably the third or fourth thread I have posted this on and fits here as well...the later 90's I had a guy on my flight (I am a flight attendant) back to LA from Maui and we were talking and he told me he was hired to sit on a boat for a week that was anchored near the boat that Leo and Tobey were anchored on alone...There are people in another thread about the gay football player and even after seeing SEVERAL ACTUAL PICS of his being gay, the remarks are: "he's not gay, it's photoshopped, so what if he's kissing that guy, he's just friendly" And this is on a GAY website!!!!! I might be reading too much into this, but I remember after she and Sam broke up she gave an interview in which she said that a "gay male friend" put his hand on her and told her that it was OK to cry about the breakup. She did say that he was "her rock" during her divorce.