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Cooking intensifiesthe taste of meat and creates its aroma. In sum: if it tastes good, people willorder.[Meat science 101: cooking methods/times of cooking effects flavor, texture & taste]"We cook meat for four basic reasons: to make it safe to eat, easier to chew and to digest (denatured proteins are morevulnerable to our digestive enzymes), and to make it more flavorful... It providessalts, savory amino acids, and a slighlt acidity to the tongue, but offers littel in the way of aroma.

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In pre-industrial times fresh meat was a priviledge enjoyed by the wealthiest classes.

Joannes de Mediolano Regimen Sanitatis Salerni sig. 264 Let the egge be newe, and roste hym reare.1607 J. Some diners whoformerly consumed their beef on the raw side began ordering "well done" to be safe.