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For those already in retirement, the decision-making process is similar, although the income factors may be slightly different.For those who retire early – e.g., in their 50s or early 60s – there is often an opportunity for Roth conversions while rates are especially low, before Social Security benefits begin (as the phase-in of taxation on Social Security benefits can dramatically increase the marginal tax rate).

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Discussions with Retirement Professionals may lead to a referral to affiliates including Wells Fargo Bank, N. WFCS and its associates may receive a financial or other benefit for this referral. Whether any planned tax result is realized by you depends on the specific facts of your own situation at the time your taxes are prepared. A., Wells Fargo Advisors, or one of its affiliates as part of this website is published in the United States and is intended only for persons in the United States.

Just to clarify, the 10% early withdrawl penalty will only apply to earnings and not the contribution amount? If I make the withdrawl right now, will the penalty come out of my 2007 taxes or 2006?