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Data source components force layering and promote a neater separation between presentation and data access, even in relatively simple projects.

Data source components offer an alternative to the classic ASP.

Note that I'm not talking about Data Bind(), but literally forcing the equivalent of some late evaluation of ' I'm actually having the same issue.

It seems that if you need to bind a ddl in the edit template, the List View's automatic handling of Edit and Update and switching templates goes into manual and you have to handle all of this yourself in the various events.

Net 2.x and NET 3.5 this command can perform automatic insert operation and close the insert item. Protected Sub Rad List View1_Item Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Rad List View Command Event Args) Dim command Name As String = e.

Their Command Name should be set to 'Sort' and Command Argument must match the name of the underlying source field to be sorted (for example Contact Name for Customers Northwind table). See also: Rad Data Pager Overview Represents the Change Page Size command name. Their Command Name should be set to 'Change Page Size' and Command Argument must be the actual number representing the new page size that will be set. To String() Dim item As Rad List View Data Item = Try Cast(e.

NET controls, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add any style to the output.

The list of valid values is the same every time so I'd like to call the service, cache the results and bind to them when appropriate. For example the command name is "Do Insert" , then Rad List View will fire Item Command event and the event argument of the handler function (generally the "e" variable ) will have the same command name , i.e.

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