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Babies were wrapped up in tight clothing until the age of two years old since it was believed that this is how children’s bones would stay strong and straight.Both brothers and sisters played with their mother in the Gynaikon until they were about seven years old.They were not allowed to leave the barracks where they were being trained until they were thirty years of age. They also learned music, reading, writing, and arithmetic using an abacus.Other city-states required boys to join the army when they reached the age of eighteen. Each student used a stylus to write on a wooden tablet that was covered in soft wax.Girls were educated at home by their mothers but they were not usually taught to read and write.

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Once a suitable husband was found, girls were married off and expected to have children of their own.Any young women who couldn’t bear children were seen as cursed by the gods.As in many ancient cultures and some modern cultures as well, boys were favored over girls.Evidence from vase paintings shows that children slept in cradles that were made of wood or wickerwood.

There’s also evidence that babies sat in high chairs and had bottles in the shape of animals.

By excelling in athletics, boys prepared to be soldiers by running, jumping, throwing spears and discus, and wrestling in the gymnasium.