Make dating

02-Dec-2019 12:05

Heck, if you just want to know where you stand with the person right from the beginning, call it a date.Skip the mind games that make things awkward and stressful and be direct. That's right, you're going to juggle multiple love interests — but it's not as deceiving as it sounds."Take a moment to take a step back and watch yourself on the dates. To get your mindset into the right place, practice mindfulness the day of your date."Do whatever it takes for you to be in a good headspace.Use your date as an excuse to go try it out, pushing you to get outside of your apartment in more ways than one.Dating industry expert Charly Lester shares in an email with Bustle, "That way you don't feel like you're wasting your time if you don't end up feeling a connection with the other person.Samantha Burns, Licensed Counselor and Dating Coach, shares with Bustle via email, "Remember that your date needs to fit comfortably into your life.Instead of getting caught up in wanting to be desired, take a mental step back and ask yourself if you even like the person sitting across from you.

It'll make the situation feel more casual and less stressful.

"Have a plan, have back up plans, and have alternate plans.

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