Malcolm x on interracial dating

26-Oct-2019 22:31

Black-on-Black murders have this as an underpinning; the light skin-dark skin issue does as well.

And the fact that many Black businesses actually treat their Black customers worse than they do those of other races is probably one of the factors that contributes to the dearth of viable Black businesses.

As a life-long Hip Hop junkie I’ve always been a huge fan of Spike Lee, his body of work, larger-than-life star persona, and astute, critical wit.

He also said that Black Lives Matter protesters are like retarded kids in the class, and called them a “thug group.” In April 2017, Ebony magazine said that there was an online petition to get Sotomayor’s videos removed because of the “incalculable amounts of emotional and physical harm” his videos have inflicted on African American women and girls. One Black pastor who will remain unnamed said that former president Obama “Deceived America” and “hurt Black families.” Another one has a You Tube video explaining why he hates Blacks.