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Soon after in 1779, the Bhumij tribes rose in arms against the British rule in Manbhum.

In 1807, the Oraons in Barway murdered their landlord from Srinagar. Bakhtar Sai and Mundal Singh, two landowners, fought against the British East India company in 1812.

To the north of Karn-Suberna was Magadha, Champa was in east, Mahendra in the west and Orissa in the south.

During medieval period, the region ruled by Chero and Nagvanshi ruler.

After the Independence of India, the region became part of Bihar state.

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boys strictly away I don't like tomboy so please don't waste your time. During the age of Mahajanpadas around 500 BC, Jharkhand state was a part of Magadha and Anga In the 7th century, Chainse traveler Xuanzang passed through the region.