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We want your visit to Kokomo Opalescent Glass to be memorable and for you to take away a piece of history.

After you see how our glass is created, you can shop in our retail store, the OP Shop.

It was designed by renowned New York architect Robert A. Stern, who has described it as a “20th-century interpretation of English Georgian.” 11.

Nathalie and Jean-Raymond Boulle ,242,690 Globetrotting diamond magnate Jean-Raymond Boulle has his 32,153-square-foot Strait Lane mansion registered under his investment company, Texas Treasure Fields. Suzanne and Patrick Mc Gee ,130,580 Suzanne’s middle name is Perot and her mom is Margot.

In addition, you will see our glass blowers at work making anything from blown glass rondels to exclusive one of a kind blown glass paperweights and vases.

Once your tour is complete you will be given a gift from KOG!

MAYBE YOU DON’T SPEND hours—when you should be working—trolling the Dallas Central Appraisal District’s web site, indulging your basest voyeuristic urges, looking up your neighbors’ houses and your friends’ houses and your enemies’ houses, seeing how much they’re worth. They call it the “angels’ share.” Well, think of this list as a fine whiskey. And for a few names that are on the list, we could manage but the barest biographical details.

For the voyeur of domiciles, other delici ILLUSTRATIONS BY BOB DOB MAYBE YOU’RE NOT LIKE US. It works out to about 2 percent of a barrel’s contents per annum. Surely there is a name that should be on this list but isn’t.

His 10,156-square-foot mansion is the largest residential property in University Park and was formerly the home of oilman Algur Meadows.