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In NES Open Tournament Golf, Daisy sported an athletic minidress, wore yellow slippers, had blue eyes and jewels, and like Peach, she did not wear a crown.Presumably due to graphic limitations in the game, she was depicted with a blue dress in-game, and was also depicted as a blonde, although her character artwork nonetheless depicted her in her usual colors.In Mario Tennis, Daisy's hair was darkened, and she had a darker skin tone in the game's artwork.Daisy wore orange and yellow sneakers in this game, and she did not wear a crown once more; Peach did, however.He kidnaps Daisy, and hypnotizes all the land's inhabitants, enslaving them into his army.

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Tatanga, a space alien, invades Daisy's nation, Sarasaland, in order to marry her and make her his queen.

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This marks Daisy's first return to the main Super Mario series of games; appearing in Super Mario Land almost 30 years prior.

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With the update, the Remix 10 pipe is opened, and Toad informs the player Daisy is lost within the world.

This appearance was depicted again in Super Smash Bros. With the graphical changes from the Nintendo 64 to the Game Cube, starting with Mario Party 4, Daisy's appearance changed further and established a more unique, consistent design for her.

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