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02-Aug-2020 22:37

Well, if that sounds like you, I have good news…That’s exactly what good marketing is.It’s not about being pushy with people who have no interest in what you do.

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It’s best not to compete directly by copying your competition – instead, focus on your own unique features and what you can offer that your competitors can’t.It’s important to offer exactly what your readers want, not what you think they want.In the Internet age, no one has the patience to read huge walls of text, whether it’s on a dating profile or a landing page for a product.Decide on what the truly important pieces of information are, and focus on those.

Excessive worrying about your competition is a waste of time and energy, in marketing and in dating.

Don’t assume that interested people will take the time to read through your entire text for the important parts. There’s so much information out there that no one has time to read it all.