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28-Jul-2020 11:39

In 2010, thanks to Facebook user demand there was a push for Betty to host Saturday Night Live.

To this date, nothing will top marrying Betty White.Nights like that led me to watch more and more films as I grew up, but it wasn’t until college that I discovered my own personal interest for acting.Growing up, I never truly knew what I wanted to be, and going into college, I was still a bit undecided.As we would rub our tired little eyes, he’d then laugh and say, “Aww, I’m just teasin’…come watch a movie with your Dad and have some late night ice cream”.

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While to this day I couldn’t tell you what movies we watched, I can tell you those memories of being on the couch with my brothers and father were so enjoyable.

Only thing we were missing was our loving, hard working Mother.