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John Easterling was born on April 10, 1952 and is 66 years old.He hails from North Carolina, where he developed a fascination with South America’s natural landscape in primary school.Chronic fatigue syndrome made traveling difficult, but he continued to do what he loved.Easterling made a living while traveling, even founding a treasure hunting company and a trading company for tribal artifacts.By the time he reached the settlements of the local Shipibo tribe in the Amazon rainforest, he had collapsed with exhaustion and fever.The people gave him a herbal tea made from ingredients found in the rainforest. As he drank the tea for the next few days, he discovered that his health improved significantly.They fell in love during that trip and Newton-John said Easterling helped her move on from the devastating time during Mc Dermott’s disappearance.“I’m very lucky I have a wonderful, beautiful husband who is just so loving and fantastic. Also Read: Facts About Schuyler Helford: Josh Groban’s Girlfriend Newton-John kept her relationship with her longtime friend low-key. The couple then held a legal ceremony at a beachfront venue in Jupiter, Florida on June 30, 2009, with their friends in attendance.I always tell my friends you’re never too old to find love. They secretly married on June 21, 2009, in an Incan spiritual ceremony held on a mountaintop outside of Peru.

He was akin to a treasure hunter on a South American adventure.

After she invited him to her concert, he was enamored of her singing.