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I think she was about 14 or 15 when she wrote it so she may not have even had a boyfriend yet at the time and it might not be about actual experience or could maybe be about her first boyfriend but it's cute either way.Better Off (Swift/Orrall) •A studio song about wanting to date a guy that her friends didn't approve of.*It’s also been registered song registered as Aching like a boy but Acting like a boy is the actual title.All the info I have on it came from Steve (former owner of Dark blue Tennessee), this is his description of it: Taylor starts this demo in a unique way by stating the song title.I posted it in scans) and I thought that was so cute.

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I don't know anything else about this song though because it's one that I don't think anyone's ever heard.Brand New World (Swift) •An acoustic song written when she was 12 or 13 about how she's living in a brand new world because she's living just a day at a time and someday she's gonna fly.