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High above the seamy streets of GOTHAM, he is a criminals ^ nightmare. • • • • • I L l T O l l i l 3 - s e BATH AH AMSTRAD SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA COMMODORE SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA LINE UP AMSTRAD ACTION • OCTOBER 1989 THE ACTION BEGINS ON 48! DD3950 RHHIJ5 THE Future Publishing Limited 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ « 0225 44603 446019 • Editor Steve Carey • Technical editor Pat Mc Donald • Games editor Trenton Webb • Art editor Ollie Aldeiton • Additional design Martin Parfitt • Contributors Emma Broadley, Phil Howard, Stuart Mc Coll, James Wilson, Adam Peters • Photography Stuart Baynes t Publisher Greg Ingham • Production Fiona Milne • Subscriptions Christine Stacey » 0458 7401 I t Mail Order Clare Bates« 0458 74011 • Advertisements Elaine Brooks « 0225 446034 • Distribution Comag C F U T U R E P U B L I S H I N G LTD 1989 /Uwtrarf Acuaa is an im Jepaident pitticatwi The c g n p w y produfag a - FUCiie Pobtetuftj Lid -tosno connection w x b Amsu&j p K We cannot guarantee to leuun natenal subntttodtout. for small business CASS: 34.95 DISC: 39.95 J O B ESTIMATOR: useful t o o l for contractors. 9 5 PRODUCT COSTING: DISC:39.95 Full specifications on all of the above grams on request. 9 5 ADVANCED ART STUDIO - £19.95 RIBBONS Quantity Printer 1 2 5 DMP2000.'2160 3 50 ...6.00 ...14 00 Panasonic 1080'1081 ...3.95 ...7.00....16.00 Citizen 120D 3.95 ...7.00 ...15.00 Slar LC10 (Black) 3.95 ...7.00. % t NEK-LOOK MCRONET GOTO 9 * I • Prestel: g o e s f r o m s t r e n g t h to s t r e n g t h • Brunning Software's Brunword Elite is currently undergoing fine pre-release tuning. a new label instantly noticeable for its dayglo spine.sorts 'em out FORUM Page after page of hints, tips a n d problem solving. We have lined up what we believe to be the biggest CPC competition. INDIANA ever JONES US Gold w h i p up the hysteria... and an LC24-10 with a carriage wide enough to take A3 size paper (labelled the LC24-15) has been introduced at £499. It also has the unconventional feature of the' paper feeding through the bottom of the printer, which means that it takes up less space than a normal printer Finally, the LC10 is to be updated to the LC10 II. We can reveal that it's by the self-styled "famous" Oliver Twins, the team behind Dizzy, Treasure Island Dizzy. Yes folks, the heman with the taste for ultra violence and justice blasts his way onto the CPC around Christmas.Naturally, on the it'smy-game principle Paul Gascoigne is the most skilful computer opponent. THE SPECIAL OFFERS Advanced OCP Art Studio — £18.95 f OCP Art Studio —£15.95 The Advanced Art Studio, bundled together with the Genius Mouse, Interface and Mouse Mat — £49.95 Ram Delta Joystick Kador Seal 'n' Type covers Master Calc 128 Master File III Master Calc AND Master File Protext (CP/M ) Pocket Protext (CP/M ) Protext Filer BCPL (CP/M ) Arnor C (CP/M ) Maxan 1.5 (ROM) Protext Office (Disk) Rombo Rom Box VIDI-CPC digitiser 5 x CF2 discs (yes we've got them! 6.99 7.95 24.95 29.95 49.95 47.00 23.25 19.50 19.50 39.00 £23.25 £27.25 29.95 69.95 11.95 22.95 44.95 3.20 WACCI UK, 9 SOUTH CLOSE, TWICKENHAM, MIDDX TW2 5JE it might be wiser to play with Spurs rather than against them! Microprose's Mr Heli, a cute shoot'em up with a distinct Raff Cecco look, carries on where the excellent Rick Dangerous left off As the pilot of a small helicopter you buzz around a multi-directional maze, blasting anything that moves with guns, missiles and bombs. ) 10 x CF2 discs 20 x CF2 discs DMP 2000/3000 Printer Ribbons (each)..".! 1 9 8 6 — P h o n e 0 1 - 8 9 8 1 0 9 0 Yet another brimming postbag spills across the editor's desk • N o t such a grim pill to swallow after all! but I know for a (act that Bubbles (to name but one) has trouble doing the joined up writing.Luke: Bo, Boss Hogg is gunna steal the the interwebs! • • • • • • On the brilliant birthday cover cassette... KING OF PRINTERS W h e w , and w e said w e were giving it away? MICE AND EASY DOES IT Resident rodent expert PAT T h e Cat" Mc D. It seems only a few months since we were celebrating AAfc third year. And as we head out of the supposedly "slow" period of summer and towards the always frantic winter/Christmas time, things are looking much better than anyone could have predicted. After some 17 issues in-house and heaven knows how many before that as freelance, Pat Mc Donald, Technical Editor extraordinary, is heading back home towards Frame. On a happier note, next month sees the arrival of the new Technical Editor, whom we shall be showing off proudly next month stay tuned! \ROCKSTAR Codemasters' Ate My Hamster simulator THE AA FOURTH BIRTHDAY MEGACOMPETITION! You'd be m a d to buy before you check it out here... J u s t don't ask h o w w e can afford to sell so cheap! Star's excellent LC24-10 (reviewed in AA47) has been reduced by £100 to £299. CPC exhibitors already pledged to support the show and the competition include famous names such as Amstrad. AHA M S T R A DACTION 37 It's called Operation Gunship - and that's about all we can tell you until the full review next month. Pin- / X f ABPLOUS FBBKSTTrirpp Heroes: sequel promised The Edge: close to The Punisher The Punisher is coming! (well, relatttona aa before, aa i Mti as having fvefy heel) dealer: Strategy Softmore features, such a$ a trtat ba* : ware, PO Box 11, Blackmans Sajjjv Asi

SELF-DESTRUCT - hilarious practical joke DALEKS - classic CPC fun! FRONT END T H E V E R Y B E S T IN C P C NEWS® LETTERS LASER All the CPC n e w s and previews ENTERTAINMENT: SQUAD REACTION Once more into the postbag dear friends... ss E CPC USES® HARDWARE® PROG RAMMING — THE AA COVER TAPE! We have a MAJOR Amstrad exclusive in the form of Virgin/Mastertronic's conversion of the brilliant coin-op Shinobi, and a veritable TON of other utilities and entertainment... nrrranwe enter into perineal conesportfetxc Vie take great c u e to LOOK O h my goodness m e it's a graphics series! EDUCATION ACCESSORIES DISC S E R I O U S DISC G A M E S pro Protext Prospell Promerge Arnor Filer ' 1Arnor Office Suite Tasword 6128 Taspell Tasprint Tascopy Tasdiary Tassign 6128 1 Qualitas Plus version 2 i Qualitas Font Library Qualitas CPM Utilities Dtsk French Mistress German Master Spanish Tutor Italian Tutor Masterfile III Database Mastercalc 128 Matnx Spreadsheet Plus Stop Press Desktop Publishing Extra Extra Maxam (Assembler/Diss) Poke Easy Plus Mini Office II Rodos Extra Disk Advanced Art Studio Stockmarket CPM 17.95 16.95 16.95 18.95 26.95 19.50 12.95 10.95 10.95 10.95 23.95 14.95 11.95 8.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 29.95 25.95 29.95 29.95 19.95 18.95 14.95 13.95 8.95 19.95 25.95 BASED At Last Plus Supercalc 2 Arnor C Compiler Maxam II Fortran Nevada Cobol Hisoft Devpac 80 Hisoft Pascal 80 Hisoft C Compiler lankey 2 Finger Typing lankey Crash Course 29.95 44.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 19.95 19.95 A M X M o u s e Interface Quali Pack Version 2 The Print Enhancement Package New Qualitas Plus version 2 KDS 8 Bit Printer Port Only 34.95 Printer L e a d 1M 8.95 Printer L e a d 1.5M 9.95 Printer L e a d 2 . C Supplies and will take a standard screen file from Advanced Art Studio or created with AMX Art, and print it out in full colour on a Star LC10 colour printer. "We have no doubt that when it is released it will be very well received," predicted Peter Brunning confidently. Others less 'known, such as A&S Distribution, A1 Computer Supplies. Caspell Computer Services, Computer Store, Graft Vent, Manor Court Supplies and Margin Maker will all be there as part of what it is claimed will be the biggest Amstrad show ever' Lifetime drive arrives for CPC The Miles Gordon Technology 'Lifetime" drive is now available to the public. Then you need a second drive operating system, such as flamdos from KDS (»04853 2076) or Rodos from Romantic Robot («), bumping up the price by another £20 to £30 The Lifetime Drive also fits the BBC. |i 4 Soldier of Light and AHen Syndrome, two arcade conversions, are first out of the bag, though Rad promises a heady mix of previously unieleased material, established classics ami mini-compilations, all at £JL99.INSIDE OUT STUART Mc COLL'S CPC conducted tour comes to an end. He looks the ideal game character: light on conversa- I Heroes of the Lance, US Gold's Advanced Dun1 geons and Dragons bash-'em-up, is claimed to have passed the 150.000 sales mark. Led by cult hero Wolverine, three games are planned around the adventures of the mutant/superhero band The X-Men are the biggest selling Marvel title and The Edge are predictably banging the gong. Dragons promises even higher levels of roleplaying.MATCH CHEAT REPORT A five p a g e special, including THE ELITE Two AA footie fans recall a great day out at Wembley. DEALING Hackers' hacker PHIL H O W A R D mucks about some more. Now things are once again stirring in the mythical world of Krynn, for The Dragons of Flame is, as they say. tion and heavy on action, thick | as a brick but twice as AMSCENE ! with added features such as extra magic, more monsters, wilderness mapping and three tasks to be completed in a time limit set by yourself. - ed.) That's not to say The Edge don't recognise the dangers of "quick buck" licence abuse: "We're not doing either a Spiderman or a Hulk game for a while, because there have been some appalling kick-em-ups based on these characters that should kill them off for quite some time! Breath holding unwise Gazza lends weight to Empire footie game With the football season well into its stride.FIRST EDITION Read all about it, write your o w n fanzine, read all about it! Furthermore a new intermediate printer between the LC10 colour and the LC24-10 is on its way. minus the colour option but with a 20% faster printing rate. After almost a year of negotiations The Edge have managed to capture the licence to produce Marvel Comics characters in computer game form. also to feature in a movie starring He-Man meathead Dolph Ludgren, is the new Marvel sensation.

TYRE INS Let your fingers do the w a l k i n g to programmer's nirvana. Tooled up with an Uzi machine pistol and a weapons laden battle van, his mission is the elimination of organised crime. The Edge have also" acquired rights to create a game around the The Uncanny X-Men. To bring to a successful close a summer that has been an exceptionally active period for the CPC.