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29-Oct-2019 22:24

What you may not be aware of is Sara’s proclivity for marrying sons of famous dads.She is divorced from Jason Connery, son of screen legend and the original James Bond, Sean.In March 1996, she married Jason Connery, son of Sean Connery, with whom she performed in Bullet to Beijing.In June 1997, they had a son, Dashiell Quinn Connery. She is now married to Brian Henson, oldest son of Muppets creator Jim Henson.And she is currently hitched to Brian Henson, the oldest son of the world renowned Muppets creator, the great Jim Henson.

Sara was born Mia Sarapochiello in Brooklyn Heights, New York, a Roman Catholic of Italian-American descent.Sara's another box office hit movie was which was turned out as one of the top-grossing films of the year 1986 making receiving .1 million over a .8 million budget.