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Building meaningful relationships that transcend racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination. Informing our prophetic ministry by research into socio-economic issues. Restore us and make your face shine on us That we may be saved. The implications of such tensions will, no doubt, rest on how the year 2015 will be managed by all the leaders and members of this beautiful District.

5 2016 CONTENTS The Mission Statement of the MCSA . The Future The challenge facing us now is how we can ensure that 50 years from now, songs will be sung about us, and poems recited to honour our contribution towards a Christ healed Africa for the healing of the nations.

We recognise the importance of the local church and rejoice in the many Circuits and Societies where life-giving mission is taking place. We invite the people of God throughout Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland to join us as we put ourselves at God’s disposal to carry forward God’s mission in this sub-continent. The project of reviving the Healdtown Institution near Fort Beaufort reached a milestone last year.

In trust and obedience we commit ourselves anew to the four imperatives for mission in our time: A deepened Spirituality as individuals and a Christian Community. Evangelism and Church growth which build up the people of God. Let us each renew our personal commitment to Jesus Christ and seek to grow in grace and in love for God, one another and the world. The buildings are almost complete and the Eastern Cape government is now fully on board.

47 2016 Mission Imperatives All societies, Circuits and organisations in the District are increasingly organising their activities around the mission pillars.

We resolve to take intentional and sustained action to implement these imperatives in such areas as: The Healing Ministry. Let us participate in God’s mission in ways that are appropriate to our local contexts and in partnership with the wider church and community. Conflict Someone once said that it is not wise to stop and look at the road that one has travelled unless one wants to use that road again. The year 2014 saw this District engulfed in a conflict that threatened to destroy the ethos and pride of what it means to be a Methodist. Our sincere desire is captured in the Hymn authored by Cecil Frances Alexander: “Jesus calls us! Conclusion We give thanks to God for the privilege to be engaged in His Mission to the world as Disciples seeking to fulfil God’s Call to establish God’s Kingdom amongst us, and as a District recommit ourselves to this task, by serving as Jesus disciples to bring Healing and Transformation to the world through the communities we serve.1 2016 2016 YEARBOOK THE METHODIST CHURCH OF SOUTHERN AFRICA ZIPHO D SIWA Presiding Bishop CHARMAINE MORGAN General Secretary JAMES M NKOSI Lay President Methodist Publishing House, Cape Town ISBN: 978-1-920464-22-6 2 2016 7KH0LVVLRQ6WDWHPHQW ´*RGFDOOVWKH0HWKRGLVWSHRSOHWR SURFODLPWKHJRVSHORI-HVXV&KULVWIRU KHDOLQJWUDQVIRUPDWLRQ ´$ &KULVWKHDOHG $IULFD IRU WKH KHDOLQJ RI QDWLRQV 2XU, PSHUDWLYHVRI0LVVLRQ 2XU&RQWLQXLQJ*RDOV2I7UDQVIRUPDWLRQ$UH DGHHSHQLQJVSLULWXDOLW\öDUHVROYHWREHJXLGHGE\*RG VPLVVLRQöDUHGLVFRYHU\RIWKHSULHVWKRRGRI DOOEHOLHYHUVöDFRPPLWPHQWWREHRQHVRWKDWWKHZRUOGPD\EHOLHYHöDUHHPSKDVLVRIVHUYDQW OHDGHUVKLSGLVFHUQPHQWDVRXUPRGHOIRUPLQLVWU\öDUHGHILQLWLRQDXWKHQWLFDWLRQRIWKHYRFDWLRQ RIWKHFOHUJ\LQWKH&KXUFKöDUHFRPPLWWPHQWWRHQYLURQPHQWDOMXVWLFH 3 2016 THE CHARTER OF THE MISSION CONGRESS ADOPTED BY THE CONFERENCE OF THE METHODIST CHURCH OF SOUTHERN AFRICA IN JOHANNESBURG ON 30 AUGUST 2005 Where there is no vision the people perish. God has given us the vision of “A Christ healed Africa for the healing of nations.” As members of the Methodist Family our challenge is to share more deeply God’s passion for healing and transformation. There is evidence that, finally, the MCSA mission imperatives and theme are being taken seriously on the ground.

We believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us to continue the pilgrimage which has led us through Obedience 81 and the Journey to the New Land to the present day. Of particular interest in the District is how various organisations and Circuits are linking up with relevant stakeholders in order to advance the fight against poverty, inequality and corruption especially in our rural areas.

Matters around stationing procedures and handling of Circuit conflicts were managed effectively in these joint meetings.