My daughter is dating a looser Sexchat eliniko

27-Nov-2019 10:29

She's just going to have to learn a lot of stuff about love the hard way.I think it's important that you understand that these are lessons she has to learn.I understand the stress and I know I wouldn't have been able to tell either of them to leave. The worst part about this is I can't remember ever in my life being like my daughter was... All you can do is let her know you love her, and she deserves better, but tell her she needs to find that out on her own. I left home at 19 got pregnant at 21 and lived with my abuser, her father, for 12 years.

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It's possible she would have seen this guy for the ass he is if she wasn't so busy defending him to you.

Hopefully she will meet some new friends and find a new guy that will be better for her. It seems like everything that you tell them not to do, they do... I feel so much guilt because I was a bad role model. My daughter moved in with a girlfriend too, but the creep was there all the time, sponging off them, eating their food, sleeping there. So the pressure got to be more and more on her..was starting to look terrible, my beautiful daughter..tired and drawn.

Try not to stress too much and eventually she will see him for what he really is. I to thought her father would change and he would stop abusing me. She to is upset about this situation and I have told her to be gentle with her sister but she is angry that her sister is taking this risk again. The creep she was dating (on the rebound from a breakup with another guy) was a real user. Pretty soon the girlfriend moved out, and my daughter got stuck with all the bills. All her friends told her too, but I kept my mouth shut and went on with my life, while all the while it was killing me inside.

the only thing that you can do is be there for her. But until she is ready to accept her mistake and change, you are talking to a blank wall... You see, we argued all the time last year because her grades were suffering and she was always out with him. It is best she leaves because we both need time apart and she needs to think without my pressure or my anxiety about him. The more you try and convince her what a louse he is,the more she will think she can change him.

lol she is an adult and have to make her own mistakes. This is a mother's nightmare, but in time, if you don't push the issue, she will eventually find out what a loser he is, and dump him.

I thought she would have learned from my errors and I see she is only repeating them though she never did run away from home or got pregant ( I hope it stays that way).works two jobs and is pretty independent but she needs to mature. He took money from her, smiked dope and borrowed her car. Doesn't make it easier knowing that she chose him over self love. The creep moved in, and when she asked him to contribute...yeah, right! Finally, when her father and I were on a trip to Vegas, she called us there and told us she was done with him, and moving back home. If she ever comes to you and complains about in, just gently let her know that she is so much better than him, and deserves much more, but that it is HER choice to make.