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26-Nov-2019 14:16

No one would argue that a profession should have a code of ethics.Nor would there be argument that an individual employed within the profession be bound by it.If the inquiry yields a response in the affirmative I go on to inquire as to how and where that code of ethics is incorporated into the officer’s formal training. Were there in-service presentations when the code was introduced?Was the officer made to sign a copy of the code which was then placed in the officer’s personnel folder?A police department’s “code of ethics” usually exists separately from the formalized set of rules and regulations studied in the academy.

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The affair was reported by her estranged husband who went to great lengths – including false accusations of an affair between her and her police chief – to discredit the professional reputation of his spouse.

If the preceding answers are “yes” it provides documentation of the notice given the officer.

It also prevents an attorney from arguing at a disciplinary trial that the officer did not have notice of the provision he is accused of violating.

The City of Rochester Municipal Code of Ethics provision requiring disclosure in support of its efforts to prevent corruption or willful violation of the law by its employees was an example of a rule reasonably related to a specific government purpose. Disclosures were sought as to the arrests of family members, their associations, financial records and histories of drug or alcohol abuse.

Despite the deference given to police management in its stated purpose for a particular rule, there must be a nexus between the information sought and the state interest sought to be promoted.Two federal district court cases from the mid-eighties highlight the distinction. Ruling against the police union, the district court found the city’s requirement to be within its power. LEXIS 24103 (ED Pa., 1986), in which the police commissioner sought to have all officers seeking assignment to a new special investigations unit complete a detailed questionnaire.

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