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It’s always the same story in action movies, the bad guy is walking around his home or the courtyard outside when a team of well outfitted, steely-eyed operators pop out of nowhere to snatch him up.

What the movies don’t show, is the long and arduous movement that the team had to do just to get into position in the first place.

The space between personnel will vary based on the level of illumination as well.

You should never be outside of view of the man ahead of you or the man behind you.

Sound always travels further than you think, which means that moving slowly will be to your advantage.Use the hill or mountain to your advantage and mask your movement. Use non-verbal communication techniques such as hand signals whenever possible.Only use radio communication when it’s absolutely the latest incarnation of the popular website, with an improved design and feature-set.

It is an extremely well-designed and easy to use site that offers great bang for your buck.Tactical Movement refers to a team’s movement when not in direct contact with the enemy.