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16-Feb-2020 09:00

Those support agents are likely to have a “seen it all before” attitude and are not going to be judgmental, unless of course the content is clearly illegal, such as child pornography.

Q: Is it possible that a person could unknowingly download child porn from virtually any site on the web?

Either way, I think all security experts have seen a surfeit of computers riddled with malware, spyware, adware, and bloatware, along with a browser history chock full of adult website URLs.

Q: I read a story in a British paper that said that a hacker had developed a smartphone app that took a person’s picture when they visited certain porn sites. A: It is certainly possible and might strike an ethically challenged criminal hacker as an interesting business proposition.

A: Users should ignore this message and they should not call the toll free phone number that typically appears with it.

This message is associated with adware that hawks flaky support services.

It would take a single person 5,246 centuries to watch all of it.

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And what are the best ways to prevent the malware from ending up on your computer or smartphone?

Q: Don’t porn sites sometimes experience malware problems that they’re actively trying to avoid?