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17-Feb-2020 04:35

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These private chats are sometimes called instant messages, or buddy chats.

Once someone gets you into a private chat, he or she can say anything to you and no one else can see.

Kids, especially older one, participating in chat rooms they find titillating, may engage in flirting, or even cybersex.

It's not uncommon for teens to make "friends" in chat rooms.

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When you first enter a chat room, it is a good idea to say "Hello" to everybody.A friendly stranger in a chat room is still a stranger and not an ideal person for you to trust with your phone number or other personal information.Some chat rooms are just open conversations with no moderation where everyone has a pretty much equal role; some are moderated by a "leader" who leads the discussion and participants; while others have chaperons or monitors who are responsible for maintaining order and assess what people write before anyone else gets to see it.You enter a chat room, strike up a conversation with someone, and before you know it, you have made a new friend.

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You need to remember that people can pretend to be whoever they want to be online.Teens enter a room; start a conversation with someone who gains their confidence by being sympathetic and willing to "listen" to their problems and offers them wonderful advice or counsel and before they know it, they've established a relationship that can lead to them being cyberstalked, sent pornography, or even pressured to arrange a real-world meeting.

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