Nortel corporate directory not updating

03-May-2020 08:51

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The Meridian PBX’s software divides information into LOADS. For example, LD 20 is where you can print information about phones. *Please note: Enter “spaces” between the numbers: CUST: Customer number (almost always “0” unless you have more then one customer set up) When entering the “TN” information you don’t have to insert all the 0’s. Be carful not to log in more than 3 time incorrectly, If you see OVL400 this means you are locked out for up to 45 Minutes. To set the time and date of your system you program in load 2: Step 1) LD 02 Step 2) STAD “Day Month Year Hour Minute Second” i.e.You should see this when you press return: “” or “OVL000” Then press ‘Return’ then type “LOGI”. STAD “24 11 1976 15 41 49″ = November 24th 1976 pm 49 seconds” To test it…Please see the letter mailed to you in October 2013 for more information.

Welcome to the Health & Group Benefits site for US-based employees.Account service fees for your Retirement Clearinghouse IRA are .50 per month in addition to a distribution fee of if outside RCH’s network or an IRA consolidation fee of for consolidation to a new account.Distributions from the Plan have significant tax consequences.Pursuant to the terms of the Retiree Settlement Agreement and the Retiree Approval Order, Nortel terminated the Retiree Welfare Plans, as defined in the Retiree Settlement Agreement, and discontinued the provision of benefits thereunder as of June 30, 2013.

No claims relating to periods after June 30, 2013 will be paid under the Retiree Welfare Plans.For more information about the Plan termination please contact the RCH Decision Desk at: (877) 908‐9454 For questions regarding your stock options or RSUs, contact Computer Share at 800-834-9814.