Not intimidating antonym

03-Dec-2020 21:24

For instance, if you read an article about whaling that uses the word "moratorium" and you think that a "moratorium" is a special type of aquarium, your understanding of the entire passage will be hindered since "moratorium" actually refers to the freezing, pausing, or halting of something, in this case the practice of whaling.

Imagine if you then used the word "aquarium" when you should have used "moratorium." You run the risk of embarrassment if you use it with someone who knows the actual meaning; even worse, you could pass on incorrect information to another individual who would then be equally misinformed.

Studying synonyms and antonyms can improve your vocabulary.

Finding words with similar meanings that you can use in place of a word you use often can give you more ways to say the same thing.

The dictionary is filled with formal definitions, but it is not the only place where you will find them.

Writers often include formal definitions when they are writing about something that may be unfamiliar to their readers.

In textbooks, you may find the formal definition of terms listed at the beginning, at the end of a chapter, or in the glossary, which is a mini-dictionary of terms relevant to that text.

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Daunting: inspiring a feeling of great difficulty 15. Exhausting: difficult in terms of physical or mental exertion 21. Inhuman: so difficult as to seem beyond human capability 31.

When writers are trying to explain an unfamiliar idea, they rely on definitions.

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