Not slimserver updating

15-Sep-2019 01:42

After upgrading to Vortexbox 2.4 a few months ago I switched the included Logitechmediaserver to the Squeeze Community version (as per instructions in the wiki), to have some more functionality and because I could.Since the Squeeze Community was no longer maintained I switched to the Slim Devices Nightly Repo (again as per instructions in the wiki and info found on the lost forum and retrieved at the slimdevices forum).There are a few issues with this release, but I lived with it, until I discovered that LMS 9.x can play DSD files, using a DSDPlayer plugin that adds Do P (DSD over PCM) support.This means you can output native DSD provided you have a DSD DAC (and some DSD files to play).I downloaded LMS 7.7.1 from the link given in these forums viewtopic.php?f=123&t=35740 (selecting the arm based 109,209 & 409 series.)Doug.Hope this helps, It's certainly revitalised my Squeezebox setup which was getting long in the tooth. I have looked down the official list list of QPKG plug ins using the QNAPS interface and LMS is not there only SS 7.6.1. The options to manage the old Squeezecentre are in the SSOTS.As a separate SSOTS is no longer needed for the new setup that was then removed before updating to the latest TS109 firmware.

I don't use Squeezenetwork but internet radio and BBC i Player work fine and come in the package. Can you give me a little more detail on how you uninstalled your Slimserver . RGBAs I think I said before, I used SSOTS 3.15 to stop and then uninstall the previous Squeezecentre so I didn't dive in and manually delete anything.

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I stopped Slimserver then uninstalled it with SSOTS.

Then I removed SSOTS and updated the TS-109 to the latest firmware.

The BBC i Player is a streaming television and radio service that is made available by the BBC.