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28-Feb-2020 18:28

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Three key findings emerge: (1) the use of mass segmentation, a strategy that combines elements of both mass marketing and market segmentation; (2) a strategic broadening of the boundaries of the older-adult niche; and (3) the use of deceptive advertising to attract users.

People no longer wanted to be treated in ‘batches,’ as mass markets” ([13], p. In today’s digital environment, where people have grown accustomed to being greeted by name when they visit their favorite websites and receiving customized content that reflects their individual preferences, the pressure to personalize seems to have reached even loftier heights.Nevertheless, online dating is a business, and like most businesses, consumer wants and needs are only part of the equation.While the niche movement sweeping the online dating industry certainly has benefits for users, there are also economic motivations at play for those that own and operate these sites.She describes the media audience as “an imaginary entity, an abstraction constructed from the vantage point of institutions, in the interest of institutions” ([2], p. In other words, media audiences are not naturally occurring collectives.

Instead, they are carefully crafted by the media industries in an effort to advance their own goals and objectives.

Given the current advertising and media landscape, online dating companies must contend with a growing cultural expectation for targeted goods and services.