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18-Sep-2020 17:19

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Fashion month has recently passed, with all eyes on the latest trends, cuts, and colours.

Vintage styles are frequently reimagined on the catwalk, but designers could find inspiration elsewhere in London from the most vintage garment of them all: the Tarkhan dress.

Her more masculine shirt and tie were a look adopted by many “New Women” of the period who were entering the world of work and higher education.

More information about the Petrie’s textile collection can be found in our recently published ‘Characters and Collections’, which is free to download from UCL Press.

It is one of only two known, the other being in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

The dress was not found as a complete item at the time of excavation in 1923, rather it was simply a pile of hundreds of faience beads in a box at the end of a burial.

They could also explore our photographic archives which includes several insights into western fashions of the late 19 century.

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Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.Egyptologist Guy Brunton was nevertheless quick to identify it as the attire of a dancer whose erotic movements would have been accompanied by the rattling of the dress’ shell beads.