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26-Oct-2020 21:34

If you've ever wondered why your online-dating inbox seems a little empty, it might just be in need of a mini makeover.Many of the most "obvious" additions to your profile might not be selling your fabulosity quite like they could be.So, keep secrets like your love of Big Bird out, replacing with guy-friendly storytelling—like how you're in need of a companion who's up for a return trip to Mount Kilimanjaro.These days, your profile photo is often the first thing that pops up when new acquaintance, potential employer or crazy high school ex-boyfriend searches you.

While your profile should be fun and cheeky over uber-professional, leave confessions out."When it comes to sustaining a relationship, it actually doesn't matter in the least if you both like horses or hiking." Instead, think about the qualities that matter to men. "Show him what he'd get being with you by telling a story that appeals to the reader," says."The big change here is marketing speak; you're marketing yourself," says Katz. "Men are looking for sexy, funny, vibrant and exciting." Everyone wants to know how their choices will benefit them."Men complain that every profile looks the same, so change it up," says Spira.

"Browse through your closet to find a red or pink dress or blouse.While it might seem like friend photos show off your social side, they might be detracting attention from the focal point of your profile: you!

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