Ordovician radiometric dating

22-Oct-2020 19:47

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The microfossils found in these two formations are highly interpretive and signify a time with an abundance of marine life and the first vertebrates in the fossil record. J., 1991, Catalogue of Type Fossils in the Western Australian Museum, Western Australian Museum Publishing, Australia.

Such findings, when correlated with similar findings that took place in other Ordovician fossil localities, allow researchers to piece together the global extent of faunal change. G., 1976, The Ordovician System, Paleontological Association by the University of Wales Press & the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

In addition to conodonts, brachiopods are also found preserved in the limestone and shale of the Emanuel formation.

Brachiopods, sessile marine forms with bivalve shells composed of calcium phosphate, were numerous and diverse animals from the Cambrian period to the Permian period. Preliminary correlation of latest Cambrian to Early Ordovician sea level events in Australia and Scandinavia, Global Perspectives on Ordovician Geology, pp. Uppermost Cambrian and Lower Ordovician conodont biostratigraphy of the Survey Peak Formation, Wilcox Pass, Alberta, Canada, Journal of Paleontology, pp.

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A great diversity of fossil gastropods has been uncovered in the Canning Basin. The tooth-like shape of conodonts (which means "suggested teeth") probably means their role was one as food gathering devices.

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