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Raisy was initially reluctant to talk to me—Orthodox communities tend to be wary of outsiders, and a good Crisis that has in recent years caused a panic throughout Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclaves in New York and New Jersey.The crisis stems from two factors: the rapid growth of the ultra-Orthodox and the marriage-age differential between men and women in their communities.Raisy was a plump woman with bright blue eyes visible through the bangs of the sandy-colored wig she wears per Orthodox tradition.She sat behind a desk cluttered with spiral notebooks, stacks of dating questionnaires, and an old desktop computer that contained her database of single ultra-Orthodox Jews.One anecdotal study, however, done about ten years ago in Lakewood, New Jersey, predicted that for every 1,500 young women, approximately 150 were doomed to not marry. The study, conducted by a rabbi and an insurance analyst, may have employed questionable research methods. “Basically, from the perspective of the community, they don’t really exist,” said Yossi Krausz, an Orthodox journalist for crisis has changed these communities in powerful ways.But even if the problem may not exist, the hand-wringing over it certainly does. Forms of individuation or societal rule-bending that might have been permitted in the past have all but disappeared.“Gray areas became black,” one ultra-Orthodox woman from Chicago told me.If all goes well, the matchmaker makes an introduction.One chilly afternoon this fall, I met with one of the five Borough Park matchmakers—let’s call her Raisy—in her basement sanctum.

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They ask around about the other family’s connections, check to see if there are any divorces, or if any of the proposed relations have abandoned the community in favor of the secular world.To the mother of these women, the author added: “Borrow the money if you have to; it’s an investment in your daughter’s future, her It is important to note that actual evidence of a crisis can be hard to find.Because of the insularity of these communities, no formal research into the issue has been conducted. ’”The paramount importance of marriage in these communities cannot be overstated. In their world, the individual doesn’t quite matter as much,” said Samuel Heilman, a sociology professor at Queens College whose work focuses on the social ethnography of contemporary Orthodox Jewish movements. For the men, it’s about Single women have no role in the organized life of this very communal religion.Black-hatted men and “modestly” dressed women come to them, some young, others less so, all single.

These women, professional dismiss their unmarried charges after the interviews, then huddle together in a dark room lined with ancient religious texts.

The result: Some women in every cohort pass unwed through their conventional prime marrying years.

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