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Also take into consideration that i will either be a human or a dwarf male paladin!! I just made up my paladins name and named him Aildaris.I thought it sound cool and elvish (I'm a blood elf).For additional firepower, as well as further defense against frigates and cruisers that close distance too quickly, the Paladin is able to field a full flight of light or medium drones, or three heavy or sentry drones.The Paladin's immobility during Bastion Mode complements the use of sentry drones quite well, as there is no danger of drifting away from them.When the Bastion Module's cycle ends, the pilot can immediately jump away again and repeat this cycle.

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Developer: Carthum Conglomerate Carthum ships are the very embodiment of the Amarrian warfare philosophy.

A skilled pilot can even switch between sentry drones and light drones as enemies close distance.

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