Paulina gretzky dating

24-Oct-2019 19:46

Most guys would run for the hills if their love interest's dad was all up in the mix like that, but, thankfully, it didn't deter Dustin from eventually putting a ring on it.Dustin Johnson's off-the-green antics have caught up with him numerous times throughout his golf career, including in 2014 when he was allegedly suspended from the game for six months after testing positive for cocaine, reported.No relationship is perfect, and Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson have had a few bumps in the road as well, including back in September 2018 when a woman named Yassie Safai reportedly came in between them.There was some insinuation that Johnson had an affair with Safai after they bumped into each other at a golf course.News of the alleged suspension came less than a year after Johnson proposed, and reported the couple's scheduled Fall 2014 wedding was in danger of being canceled by her dad, who reportedly warned Johnson to clean up his act … Welp, their Fall 2014 wedding never happened, and by June 2015, it was reported that the wedding was canceled completely.When 2016 rolled around, Johnson "hinted" to the We've already established that Paulina Gretzky's parents play a huge role in not only her life, but in Dustin Johnson's life, as well.Before they had even been formally introduced, Dustin Johnson had forged a friendship with Paulina Gretzky's mom, Janet Gretzky, after the two met at their posh country club in 2009.After competing together in a golf competition, Janet invited Dustin over to their home for a family dinner, according to It was at that time that the couple first met, but a relationship wouldn't blossom until some years later. Actually, my whole family became friends with Dustin — my brothers and parents saw him a lot more than I did," Paulina told the publication.

From cheating allegations to her parents being all up in their Kool-Aid 24/7, here are all the strange things about Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson's relationship.

Let's recap: not only do they live within walking distance of her parents, but they eat breakfast and dinner with them almost every day. Paulina Gretzky is well-known for making a splash on social media, particularly pictures and videos of herself scantily-clad. Like I would know what would be good to post or not. But when it comes to his Instagram account, he admitted, "I ask her, though, if I can post something," before adding Gretzky usually disapproves of a post if it involves a picture of them that she doesn't really like.

Even after she and Dustin Johnson got engaged, she didn't let up with the booty-baring photos and salacious videos showing off her rocking bod. Okay, so he has to ask her permission to post but she doesn't have to do the same?

After finishing their feast, Gretzky reportedly asked her dad to scram, and she and Johnson continued their conversation, talking late into the night.

"Then I joined him in Hawaii [at Kapalua, in January 2013], and we've been together since," she said.Gretzky is the eldest child of retired NHL hockey player Wayne Gretzky and actress Janet Jones and has four siblings.

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