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Againe in the Elder World, that is, Asia, Africa, and Europe, we observe Antiquities and Generalities in the First Booke, one of the last printed, though first placed : universall Circumnavigations (all knowne in that kind) in the Second ; which though they containe many things of America and the South Continent, yet being from and for Europe, and spending most of their time on the Asian and African Coasts, are thither referred : in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth, are Indian Voyages and Affaires of the English, with Portugall and Dutch intercourse ; in which is observed a tolerable order of time from Queene Elizabeths Times to the present.In the Second Part you have first Africa in Two Bookes The Second (the East Indie ships but touched on the Coasts) the ^'"''• Sixth Booke handling the Northerne parts, whatsoever of Africa is not termed ^Ethiopia, and the seventh the Ethiopian part.Dominion and Seraglio, as also of the Maldivse Hands : which and the whole Tenth Booke came later to hand, and therefore is rather a Supply to all, then any well ordered part of the Worfce, being thenei&re printed after the rest.Now for the New World, we begin at China, which the Ancients knew not, and take all the East aind North parts of Asia from the Caspian Sea, the Arctoan Regions, all America and Terra Auatralis, comprehending all in that New Title.Virginia is the Argument of the Ninth Booke, in the succession and successe thereof from the Plantation 1606. It had not beene possible for me in London distractions to have accomplished so great a Designe, but for the oppor- tunities of His Majesties Co Uedge at Chelsie, where these foure last Summers I have retired my selfe (without Pulpit Non-residence) to this Worke : which as it one way furthered, so another way it occasioned many Errata, by my absence from the Presse, as in the Bodie of the Worke, so especially in the Titles over each page ; halfe of which I thinke, are mine owne, the other such as pleased the Corrector, needing correction enough, and sometimes not giving sufficient direction to the Reader; whom I intreat to accept of his Day and Night, Summer and Winter together, pardoning the one for the others sake.A Table had beene necessary, if Time and assist- ance to a wearie hand had permitted ; I adde, if some had not committed contrary to promise. The Authors follow ; such xlvii TO THE READER as have no letter annexed are Mine; such as have H.

bannerid=7&zoneid=6&source=&dest=https://s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/ The First of those Bookes beginning our Third Part, delivereth especially the Authors of Tartaria in the succession of about three hundred yeeres, wherein the Second succeedeth, adding also Japan, Corea and China, with the first Discoveries of the Northerne and Caspian Seas by the English.This Arctoan Region containing Russia, Nova Zembla, the Samoyeds, Siberia, Island, Frisland, Norway, with the Neighbour Regions, Cherry Hand, Greenland, Greenland, &c. a=aktuelles&n=heckerjahr2011&sd=heckerjahr2011/index.asp&d=https://s3.amazonaws.com/new-beeg/


^ ^ ^ TO THE READER Authors travelling the same parts, observed, in which my Method brings in ordinarily the Authours whole Voyage there, where that part or Countrey, in which and for which we entertaine him, principally occasioneth his memorie ; and partly because in this long space of imprinting (from August 162 1.) many things have comne to my hand by diligent enquiry, which were not enrolled, nor in possession to be mustered in their due file and ranlce ; yea, divers things have beene done since our other passages of like nature were printed off : And thus divers Dutch quarrels are related, which yet since the Impression of that part have beene composed. First, we have divided the World in our; Method The first into the Old and New, alloting to each his owne Tome, ^'"'^• the first Ten Books to the former, the later to the other.