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It was photographed at the Puppetry Institute, Kings College, The Strand in London. Each had "Wonky Toys Ltd." printed on the label along with the flying pig logo.

Bob's father had at one time said that "Pigs will fly before Bob makes a go of it".

The employees were local ex-servicemen and this idea of hiring them was very important to Bob in the early years.

Bob patented his design in the UK, but a legal problem with another company forced him to look for another product he could make that still had the magnetism of the "Wonky Donkey".

As the real early puppet heads were turned by hand on a lathe, they could be almost any shape from oval to a sort of square/round.

It was not until 1948, when Bob hit on the idea of using coconut shy balls, that the puppets got their truly round heads.

The very early puppets have the neck joined to the body extending into the bottom of the head.

These very early puppets also had wooden hands,arms, feet and leg joints.

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At the end of the war Bob Pelham was stationed In Germany serving with the Occupation Forces and it was during this time he became very interested in traditional animated musical toys.It was then he thought of a stringed marionette and made the first one, a black girl called Chloe.With great enthusiasm, Bob approached Jan Bussell of Hogarth Puppets, who also lived locally with his idea of making puppets.After convincing people that he was not going to start a coconut shy with the balls he started using them as the heads on SS type puppets.

These were made by a company called Hoopers in Stroud, Gloucester who also made the balls used to throw on the mop fair coconut shy.

During 1947 Bob and Mc Boozle were filmed for television at the British Industries Fair.