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16-Sep-2019 00:22

They smile more, reach out more, and make others feel terrific on the other end of them.They also are infectious in their wonderment of even the smallest things and most people look forward to meeting them again.Someone who knows and treasures both you and the person he or she is fixing you up with, can definitely tip the odds in your favor. Too many people, especially in these days of rushing and hyper-focusing, do not see who or what is around them.Every single person you connect with is the hub of more than two hundred other people.Most of my single patients have ardently explored these supposed short-cuts to romantic bliss for many months and even years.

The people who are in the most demand, regardless of status, are those who are in love with life.

For instance, if you are a work-out buff, you are more likely to find single people at twenty-four- hour fitness establishments before and after work hours, and in the middle of the morning on weekends.

And, there are often coffee houses nearby that welcome sweaty after-work-out-people looking for some energy brews but relaxed enough to be open to meeting similar aficionados.

They are all looking out for one another and relatively well aware of the current status of each.

Exempt those few who might compete by sabotaging, most people thrive on belonging and mattering to others and often prioritize their social connections to those they already know and trust.

There are legitimate and significant reasons for this low probability of success, but one that stands out most clearly in my experience.