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After Mars Investigations is hired by the family of one of the victims, Veronica is drawn into a mystery that pits the town’s elite against the working class. Watch now on Stan Liza is a 40 year old woman who pretends to be 26 in order to get a job in the highly competitive publishing industry.

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We keep the numbers strict to maintain quality guests and avoid date fatigue.NEW EPISODES EVERY SUNDAY 4PM (AEST) POWER CONFIDENTIAL – THE OFFICIAL AFTERSHOW (in ‘Trailers & Extras’).Watch now on Stan Spring breakers are getting murdered in Neptune, destroying the town’s tourism industry.When your ticket sells out, click on the events Join Wait List button.

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Last minute cancellations are common and spots become available.

While Cara - who is dating fellow actress Ashley Benson - has found it tough having to be more “vulnerable” on film, she also thinks it has been the “best gift” to her to have to do that.“On every film I learn so much and learn how much more I have to learn. We all have a certain amount of armour that we wear walking around in life,” she said.