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07-Sep-2020 21:31

You referred specifically to a patient being treated for pelvic floor or structural integration in a private room, particularly by a physical therapist of the opposite sex.

You asked whether the APTA has any recommendations with respect to such treatment.

Another former patient testified she had sexual contact with Adamczak one time in 2004.

That incident was charged in the initial complaint but later dropped because it occurred at his Racine office.

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Later she told the woman, who was also her patient, about her own affair with Adamczak.He also got her to admit she had given Adamczak physical therapy on at least two occasions after they began their sexual relationship, suggesting she feared for her own license, as she also is barred from sex with clients.She said the physical therapy was never in an official setting but more like a therapist helping a spouse.But Assistant District Attorney Jacob Manion objected to some of the questioning, saying that it was clear the relationship was consensual, but that consent was no defense to the therapist exploitation offense.

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Boyle also brought up that the woman had hired a personal injury law firm for a possible civil claim, suggesting she launched the whole case to make money.The therapist in your question transferred the care of the patient in order to enable him/herself to initiate a relationship without violating the ethical prohibition against having a sexual relationship with a patient.