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In an industry where many artists ride the bandwagon ride with gimmicks or unoriginal personas as fuel, Pigeon John defies definition and proves his individuality.While the average person may buck to the pressure, Pigeon John ascends over the sometimes generic world of hip-hop while facing the stereotypes of race and environment.As a man who was both, Pigeon John refused to deny any part of his true, multi-faceted character.He found his footing in the racially blind arms of melody and a sense of peace within musical collaborations. Although his future was bright, his solo career did not look promising due to his feedback from labels as being unmarketable.As he shopped around for deals, John once again faced the dilemma of his identity.Labels wanted him to be either a Black guy who made hip-hop or a white guy who sang with a guitar.Between 19, Pigeon John recorded the songs that became his first solo album, Is Clueless.The album was released in 2001 by The Telephone Company and then re-released in 2002 by The Telephone Company/Syntax Records with three new tracks and new artwork.

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The album has received positive reviews from many sources, including LA Weekly, Entertainment Weekly,and Vibe.Pigeon John then signed to Basement Records and released Is Dating Your Sister (2003) and Pigeon John Sings the Blues (2005).In 2005, Lyrics Born saw Pigeon John on the Cali Comm Tour and brought him into Quannum Projects.Brainwash Projects contributed the single "Muchas Muchachas" to the Christian rap compilation "Sanktifunctafyd" released by N-Soul Records in 1995.

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Brainwash Projects eventually released a record titled The Rise and Fall of Brainwash Projects on the independent label Jackson Rubio.

Just when listeners thought he could not improve on his discography, Pigeon John released 2005s Pigeon John Sings The Blues on Basement Records. I tried to be as good as the people who were there. Or, do you have the music done first and write to the music? I try to hear what is within the music and see how it makes me feel. A lot of times, the music paints itself a picture and I just try to fill it in with words.