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18-Aug-2020 01:02

You can also view and download Cross Over lock installation templates by clicking here.Some screenshots: The software's main screen (above) lists users down the left side and the locks on the right.Below is a sample: This audit trail, from a lock called "HR Storeroom," shows the times an i Button was tapped to the lock on August 11, 2009.According to the first line, Sheree Womack tapped her i Button to the lock at a.m., the lock unlocked and then re-locked itself. Six seconds later, Doug Marsh tapped his i Button to the lock.Choose a checklist to import from our library, or manually enter the data from your aircraft’s POH (pilot’s operating handbook) into Garmin Pilot or the fly Garmin website.

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Sync the weight and balance with your active flight plan, store favorites, and email load sheets for your records.Start by entering your desired route into the flight plan page on Garmin Pilot or import your flight plan from Flt From there, easily overlay weather, pan across the entire route, pinch to zoom for detail, or graphically modify any leg of your flight.The software is simple to use and comes with an illustrated manual.

Click here to see a copy of the manual in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

As it provides all functions needed for evaluation and documentation, no additional software is needed.