Podcasts not updating in itunes

28-Apr-2020 05:24

Hello, my name is Tom Hanson and I own and operate KNVP Studios, a full-service podcasting solution company.

I have noticed that sometimes, ITunes just stops updating podcast feeds out of the blue, for seemingly no reason at all.

The first and probably biggest reason is that Apple likes to change things up on us as far as their specifications go related to your all-important RSS feed (the RSS feed is the heartbeat of your podcast).

They were not super-diligent on updating the public about these changes, until now.

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Is this i Tunes desktop or the mobile Podcasts app?

Log in, click on your podcast, and look for "Refresh Feed".

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If you wish to change this setting only for specific podcasts, you can do so by selecting the specific podcast in the "Settings for:" dropdown and/or by changing the defaults.

Visit Stack Exchange Ok, unless I'm missing something, I can't see my podcasts anymore?

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