Polish dating website usa otaku dating site

07-Jan-2020 20:41

Out of curiosity I joined Polish Hearts website since I'm part Polish and speak the language as well.

During initial 4 days of membership I received numerous kisses icon. This posting is to warn potential members: don't waste your time and money.

Or hire a student who is cleaning for money and maybe you will hit it off. If you do not have the confidence and courage to meet Polish girls in person then that is another issue.

My underlying premise regarding Polish girls is they are generally conservative and to appeal to them you should be idealistic.

Idealistic means you need to have morals and values.

Now, in comüarison on free websites like Interpals, 3 out of 10 will write back even if only to say thanks but not interested. The end review is this; There is no way that this website has more than a couple of dozen real girls on it.

Too many girls look at my profile (which is written very well) and read my kind messages and do not even say not interested. a few kisses and you sign up to have a chat, and you get no reply to your enquiries .Further, I live in Poland and am married, so I am giving you the insiders websites and view. The greatest complement you can give to me is leave a comment about love and dates with European women or love and marriage in general especially if it is about Poland.